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Photo taken by Decoro Images.

Going Electric

On February 15, 2017, after an especially soul-crushing day, Brianna made the decision to drop out of school, move to North Carolina, and start life anew. In late 2018, she was gifted an electric cello and a loop pedal. This was the moment that Brianna finally found the expressive outlet she had spent her entire youth searching for. Brianna's personality traits that were seen as flaws in her classical career (namely her spontaneity) could now be used as strengths in her electric career.

Between 2019-2020, Brianna spent her time learning how to play the cello standing up, how to master the art of improvisatory live-looping, and how to behave in a non-classical performance. During this growth period, Brianna decided to briefly dabble in the professional classical music scene, securing the position as Principal Cellist of the Spartanburg Philharmonic, as well as Assistant Principal Cellist of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.


Towards the end of 2020, Brianna decided that she was ready to try her hand at growing and managing her own music career.

Her first task was to release her music to the world. In February of 2021, Brianna released her debut album, Growth, an all-cello, hip hop and soundtrack inspired album, featuring entirely originals. Creating the album marked a major milestone for Brianna as it required her to overcome her deeply-ingrained fear of composing, a fear that haunted her from her classical training.

The Scoop

Live-looping, electric cellist Brianna Tam is known for her riveting one-woman shows, during which she creates an epic symphonic realm, laced with a dark undercurrent. Although she has a classical background, Brianna strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary by borrowing influence from all genres, namely hip hop, soundtrack, and metal.


As a child, Brianna was drawn towards the piano, but unlike many Asian-American children, she was not granted with piano lessons. Her interest in music then remained dormant until she was eight-years old, when she accidentally missed her school's deadline to sign up for violin lessons, and got stuck on the cello instead.

Though her talent and passion were both evident from the get-go, Brianna was pressured into following a traditional, classical cello career. She won competitions, performed with world-class musicians, and briefly attended a highly competitive music conservatory. 

However, what wasn't seen to the public eye was the hours Brianna would spend watching Apocalyptica's Metallica covers, shredding over "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse, and writing cello arrangements of her favorite popular songs. What was also hidden was Brianna's growing misery of competing in a field in which one's worth is measured by their ability to cover the 1800s' biggest hits.


Photo taken by Decoro Images.

Though a small feat in the grand scheme of the music business, Brianna is very proud of the 21k Spotify streams that she has managed to acquire as a new artist.

Since then, Brianna has managed to blossom her performance career. Today, Brianna performs regularly all over the Southeast, traveling to places such as Raleigh (NC), Charlottesville (VA), Savannah (GA), Chattanooga (TN), and even St. Petersburg (FL). The universality of her performances allows her to play everywhere from casual breweries and wineries, to luxurious business and personal events (such as weddings). Most recently, Brianna had the honor of performing at the 2021 TEDxGreensboro event (video will be available in the near future).

The Big Picture

Brianna's ultimate goal is not fame and fortune - rather, she intends to use her music and any notoriety that comes with it in order to improve the condition of the planet and its people. Her goals are to promote the protection of land and wildlife, donate to organizations that genuinely help those in need, and to encourage her community to live a life of honesty, risk-taking, and whole-heartedness.