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Collected from fans, clients, and press alike, these reviews perfectly define the experience of Brianna Tam as a person, an artist, and a professional. For composition specific reviews, please refer to Brianna's Composer Page.

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"I had the pleasure of hosting Brianna for a 3-day artist residency in the Fall of 2023. After viewing 4 performances over 3-days with audience members ranging from 10 to 90 it is evident that Brianna is a rare blend of visionary creative and consummate professional. She uses her skills to compose, improvise, arrange, and connect with her audiences. Whether it be Bach or Beyonce, arpeggios or glissandos, every performance is sure to end with a crescendo of applause."


Willard Watson, BRAHM Event Coordinator (Blowing Rock, NC)

Brianna is a world class performer whose fire and energy are infectious. Amazing to see a single person play such an exciting set!”


Peter John, Colleague, Radio Performance (Los Angeles, CA)

"She has synthesized a unique style that pulls on the heart as much as the mind."


Brian Grimmett, Writer, Mirror House Music Group

“SouthEnd Brewing Co. was privileged to have Brianna perform several times, as often as we could and especially at special events. Her music is uniquely captivating and expressive. I personally enjoyed her music, and as a venue owner I can say she made a positive impact on taproom traffic. Book her!


Eric Kevorkian, Owner of Southend Brewing Co. (Greensboro, NC)

“Brianna brings a singular experience where one person becomes an orchestra.  I was expecting beautiful music as I'd listened to some of her recordings beforehand, but I was shocked by her live show - authentic, engaging, and seriously fun!


Burt Casey, Owner of Fountainhead Taproom (Chattanooga, TN)

The artistry required to compose and improvise pieces in real time is breathtaking to behold in person. I like to sit in the moment, listen, and just be.”


Paul Funderburk, Fan (Greensboro, NC)

“I had watched Brianna play at numerous locations and was always enthralled by her performances. When I was planning my Alice in Wonderland party I knew she was the talent I needed for my event to be next level. Her professionalism is above expectations, and she truly has a gift in the musical community. Coming from an artistic background personally, I would recommend her time and time again. She was timely, respectful, and my guests were enamored by her!”


Rose Shockley, Event Coordinator (Greensboro, NC)

“At first I was captivated by her instrument and trying to understand how  she made such beautiful music. Then as I listened, I didn’t want to leave!  Her music is amazing and she plays so effortlessly. I have watched her website as she expanded her following and put out her CDs. Brianna is a phenomenal artist. If you haven’t listened, you are issuing a wonderful experience!  Love her!”


Mary Moon, Fan (Burlington, NC)

“I'm a live-looping musician as well (violin instead of cello), and Brianna's music broadened my perspective on what I could do with a string instrument and a loop pedal. I've listened to her entire first album on repeat on Spotify, and I continue to be inspired by her new work.”


Linda Peng, Fan, YouTube

“Watching her livestreams on YouTube is relaxing and meditative. As a musician myself, I’m always in awe of her solo performances.


Wren McKinley, Fan, YouTube

“I loved the performance. The entire experience really captured the room's attention. As soon as Brianna hit her bow against her string I was in it. She was live looping a cinematic piece together.”


Owen Eaton, Fan, Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)

"Brianna is an inspirational individual and artist, with a passion for making beautiful pieces as a solo artist and spreading words of love and wisdom."


Jeanine Scerri, Writer, Underground Sound

"Her music is an exciting dance between traditional and contemporary, and showcases the timeless allure and adaptability of the cello."


C-VIlle Weekly (Charlotteville, VA)

“Where do I begin! Brianna is extremely talented and knows how to mesmerize the crowd with her music and stage presence. She and I played together at an event where I DJed and she improvised over the music. It was truly captivating and the audience was blown away. It was an awesome experience working with Brianna and I hope to again in the future!”


Gabby Rinaldi, DJ, One of Us Events (Tampa, FL)

“The first piece of Brianna’s music I heard was INTREPID. I was producing a feature film and my editor had laid it in as part of the temp track for the final cut. By the end of the piece I turned to my editor and said, “Let’s find her.” I needed a composer and I knew she was it. Her music is as surprising as the woman. Her work is both boldly inventive and elegantly textured. It’s deeply wise and haunting and sensual. But under it all, one feels as if they are putting an ear against the human heart; filled with all its longing, power, purity and sin. Brianna is the definition of a complex, mutable artist with the soul of a rock star. I am so appreciative to be in a business that brings one like her into my life and art.”


Kirsten Russell, Filmmaker (New York, NY)

“She has a marvelous talent and a charming personality. She has a great mix of covers and original works but most impressive of all was when I caught one of her live improvisations. Watching her construct a piece on the go truly left me in awe. I came for the music but stayed for the talent, her charisma, and her journey as an artist.


Donovan Clarke, Fan, YouTube

I love her work! I’ve followed Brianna through a couple of Kickstarters and I’m always left in awe of how great the performance is! I listen to her music over and over and it always leaves me happy and peaceful. I’ll always follow her Kickstarters; I’m never left disappointed!”


Kristina Fick, Fan, Kickstarter Backer

“Brianna’s fresh and innovative approach to composition and performance is a delight to the senses. She incorporates devices popularized by other instruments into her work in a way that transcends the ordinary and coaxes new and captivating emotion from her instrument. As a performer, she and her musical message become a single voice that communicate her passion and song. Whether live or recorded, Brianna's music is transformative!”


Jay Isais, Fan, RPAN

“Brianna is one of the rare soloists who can take a piece, add improvisation, and make a whole new composition.”


Charles Weber, Fan, YouTube

"I enjoy watching her perform. Her artistic expressions complement the simplicity, purity, and depth of her songs.


Rey Ordiales, Fan (Asheville, NC)

“I love cello. She kills it!”


Daniel McClary, Fan, YouTube

Brianna’s music has the ability to transcend time. When listening you fully become immersed into the magical world she has created. No matter how I feel, this music changes me.”


Shaina Farmer, Fan, YouTube

“When I first saw and heard Brianna playing her electric cello, I was transfixed by the depth and beauty of the sound. Only later did I learn that she employed on-the-spot looping to achieve that complexity. There may be others like her, but to me she is unique and uniquely wonderful.


Ken Caneva, Fan (Greensboro, NC)

“An amazing performer and beautiful talent that insures she takes extra time out of her day to talk with her fans, Brianna has won me over, hand over a foot, as a fan. Not to mention, Bioluminescence has become one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. Majestic, to say the least.”


Levi Jenkins, Fan, YouTube

Brianna brought soul with her music at the fair. With the perfect ethereal songs I felt like I was in the shire having a pint. Very much hope to see another performance. Amazing!!!!”


Jesse Valencia, Fan, Starland Yard (Savannah, GA)

“Brianna entered the stage without an introduction and with a chatty audience. From the moment she started playing, we all went silent - we were awestruck by her sound and talent. She’s an artist everyone should try to see whenever possible!”


Katie Hart, Fan, Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)

This was the single great live performance I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. Had no idea what to expect, no concept of the level of musicianship or raw emotion I was about to see. Truly blew me away.”


Luke Clark, Fan, Appalachian Theatre (Boone, NC)

“Brianna is an incredible and captivating performer! She effortlessly adapts to any audience and is a pleasure to work with. She performed at our 2023 Renaissance Faire and guests were buzzing about her for months!”


Emily Xarras, Assistant General Manager, Starland Yard (Savannah, GA)

Brianna is AMAZING to work with! From the initial inquiry to the end of her performance she is professional and courteous. Our members greatly enjoy having her play during our events and will sit and listen to her play for hours.


Taylor Amos, Activities and Communications Director, Sedgefield Country Club (Greensboro, NC)

"Brianna Tam is a string quartet unto herself, evoking shadowy symphonic universes."


Grant Holub-Moorman & Frank Stasio, WUNC 91.5 (Raleigh, NC)

“It is difficult to fully describe the beauty and passion in Brianna's performances. Brianna is gifted with a rare talent, one that touches the heart and soul of the listener. The music she creates is so moving, so hauntingly beautiful, magical. She spent time at our mountain vineyard and farm, and actually created a moving piece that expresses the beauty of her time spent here. It is such a gift for us to experience her joy and passion in her musical creations. I look forward to watching this rising star grow as she illuminates our world with her stunning and passionate music.”


Christine Vrooman, Owner of Ankida Ridge Vineyards (Amherst, VA)

"She is so passionate about what she does, and it speaks through her music!”

Ngoc Truong, Fan, Suwanee Porch Fest (Suwanee, GA)

“To be a conductor, musician and sound engineer at the same time takes remarkable talent.” 


Al Risden, Fan, YouTube

"Brianna's music is truly moving. The first song that I heard her play was Effervescence and it moved me. I've been an avid follower of her work since. She is truly gifted.”


Geremy Chubbuck, Fan, YouTube

“I love her and her music!”


Gordon Berry, Fan, YouTube

“Watching Brianna perform was truly amazing. The way she live loops is so intriguing and truly holds your attention as an audience member. As a cellist myself, coming from the same background as Briana (being classically trained), I related to her story and her way of finding freedom in these contemporary compositions. I also loved the graphics and light changes that accompanied each song, it brought the music to live and made the whole experience feel incredibly cinematic. Overall, I recommend this to anyone with or without a musical background! I loved seeing Brianna perform.”


Jillian Stone, Fan, Appalachian Theatre (Boone, NC)

"Brianna Tam likes to play barefoot."


Sayaka Matsuoka, Writer, Triad City Beat (Greensboro, NC)


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