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Early Access & Secret Song

If you're reading this, then that means that you're one of several generous individuals who contributed to my Kickstarter. I can't express how grateful I am for your contribution.


Furthermore, you'll get to enjoy my piece "Permission for Happiness," which I removed from the album. I'll probably use it in the future, but I removed it simply because I didn't think that it fit the musical narrative of the album.

Below you'll find I AM and "Permission for Happiness" available for you to download and enjoy.

I'm also including the text that I've put on the inserts of the CDs in order to provide you with more context for the music. I'll be honest, I was going through a lot at the time of I AM's composition, so the music gets quite dark. 

The message, however, is that we must happiness and peace from within rather than without. We individually create the good, as well as the bad. We are the problem, but we are also the solution.

And, with that, we understand how powerful we are. Enjoy.

    I AM is a Hero’s Journey. It’s a tumultuous odyssey towards finding fulfillment, happiness, and peace from within, rather than from without. Inspired by Brianna’s own life-changing inner journey, I AM ventures into those incredibly dark and vulnerable places within us that people often deny or hide from. However, it is in these shadows that one may understand their responsibility in creating the chaos and dismay in their lives, and therefore rise to a place of creating goodness and light instead.     


I AM is what happens when the Red Pill is taken. I AM is the result of reaching rock bottom. I AM is the consequence of curiosity, and the only way out is to realize that I AM.

Untitled (11 × 5_edited.png

1. Curiosity. Awakening. Youth. Innocence. Plunge into the wonderful unknown.


2. Aorta. Excitement turns into concern. Questioning.


3. The Promise. The tumultuous journey is inevitable. Commit.


4. Eris. Darkness rises. Power. Omnipresent. Consuming.


5. Illusion. Disorientation. Bleakness. Where did the darkness come from? Contemplation. Hope…


Darkness resurges. Nothing.


6. Surrender. Truth is known, but it’s met with resistance. Sacrifice.


7. Bring the Ocean to You. Light is found. Omnipotence.


8. Bioluminescence. Rebirth. The production of light from within.


9. Bonus: Ankida. Where Heaven and Earth meet.

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